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From the desk of: TINA BANKS

Founder and CEO, Kidovations Educational Experience
Dear Esteemed Parent, 

If you’re looking for a childcare center that:
  • is “parent-centric” 
  • wipes out your childcare accessibility concerns by 100%
  • ​calms the nagging pangs of anxiousness in your heart (that usually happens when you are away from your child for several hours a day).
Then I want to share with you a major breakthrough feature we had recently implemented in our center

When we implemented this feature, our parents immediately fell in love with it.

I am so proud of the person Trevor is becoming ♥ He may have his bad days, but then he gets back up and he listens and learns. This is him singing his grace before dinner, and it is just the cutest!! He has learned and grown so much this year already, I love his daycare and all the amazing teachers that teach my babies right from the wrong on a daily basis. They are so patient cause I know he is not the easiest to deal with some days. I have to brag Kidovations for always influencing my babies to do good and to stay positive. ♥

-Danielle Desrosiers

They are so good with my daughter! I was very nervous leaving her with strangers while I attend school and work, but I knew I’d rather have a licensed facility [rather] than a home-based daycare. She loves it here and so do I! I love the security measures they have and the fact that they allow cloth diapers as well!

-Sunshine Brown

When we first had our son, daycare was the first thing on my mind. I had to work and leaving my child with someone was hard on me. The first daycare I chose did not fit the bill, so I started researching and several people recommended Kidovations! I am so glad they did. They treat our little boy like he is their own. They call him by name every time they see him, always have a smile on their face, and genuinely seem excited to see him. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that they send pictures and a report about their [my child’s] day home every day! I love being able to be a part of his day even though I can’t physically be there. Kidovations truly makes it a little easier to leave my baby and go to work.

-Brittany Barthelme

Affordability, safety and, security, accessibility, ratio, and transparency are important factors.
 Able to send updates about your child more than once, on a daily basis that will allow you to witness how he’s growing and learning everyday. 
To see that he is achieving growth and development milestones right before your very eyes.
You need to know, see, and confirm that he’s happy and okay as you don’t want to miss out on anything involving your child. 
One crucial factor is child updates in the form of text, photos and or videos, we can do that.

We know that you, as parents, only want what’s best for your child.

While you are away and your child is at the center, we know you often think:

What are they doing now?

Is my baby okay?

Has she eaten her snacks?

Did he take a nap?

Who is she interacting with?

Is he happy?

and many more...

And just like any other loving parent out there, we know that you need constant daily updates of your child.

Photo updates are good… 
but they are no longer enough.

Because even if it does tell a thousand words... don’t tell the whole story of how your child’s day went without you. 

That’s why we launched the…


The first of its kind in Statesboro, it gives you parents access to live webcams inside your child’s classroom in the Kidovations facility. 

This way, at ANY TIME throughout the day, you can:
  • See what your child is doing in REAL TIME
  • Watch your child eat, play, learn, dance, and sing LIVE. 
  • Observe how he’s being treated by the teachers and classmates…
  • ​Take note of what he loves doing and who he interacts with.
  • ​Quiet those fears about something bad happening to your child and you not knowing about it
  • ​Confidently say that your child is being well-taken care off… because you have the evidence to prove it.
  • ​Know the people your babies mingle with all throughout the day
  • ​Soak into their daily activities so you won’t feel like you’re missing out 
  • ​and so much more
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind only a secured, private, and personal live stream of your child in a childcare center can give.

Parents also find it a great way to ease the longing that they feel for their precious little one while
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind only a secured, private, and personal live stream of your child in a childcare center can give.

Parents also find it a great way to ease the longing that they feel for their precious little one while they are away. 
    they are away. 
What’s better is that this added security feature comes at NO COST to parents.

Enjoy an additional layer of accessibility, privacy, and security on your child WITHOUT the additional pay

ONLY if you enroll at Kidovations today.

About Tina Banks

My name is Tina Banks, and I’m a dedicated and compassionate childcare educator children’s book author and multiple preschool owner. 

My most amazing role in life however is being a Mom to 4 amazing humans (3 boys and a girl).  

My husband and I founded Kidovations Educational Experience in 2000, and 20 years later, we have grown from a capacity of 6 to a 100 - children capacity childcare center. 

I invite you to explore our classroom through a virtual tour and see what Kidovations can offer for you and your precious little one.  


Enjoy premium childcare service, only the 2017 Statesboro Herald

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can give. 
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